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Expelled members and centres

Unfortunately, in exceptional circumstances, IAHD may have to expel an IAHD dive centre or IAHD Instructor. Such decisions are not taken lightly, but in some cases we must take action.

The following list identifies former individual IAHD members and IAHD centres who have been expelled from the IAHD organization.

These individuals and centres are no longer IAHD affiliates, can’t conduct IAHD courses nor represent themselves as IAHD members or centres. 

Note that expulsion is a last resort. The IAHD Quality Management Program follows an extensive process that includes fact checking, getting all perspectives about the issue (including the member’s and center's vision) and, when necessary, offering corrective retraining and cooperative compliance. Expulsion results when the IAHD member or centre refuses to implement corrective measures, or when the nature of the complaint is so severe that expulsion is necessary to protect the public or to preserve the reputation of the IAHD organization. 

If you have any questions about a listed person or centre, please contact the Quality Management Department at IAHD Head Office.


List of expelled members:

Last name:First name:City:Country:Registration number:Expelled date:
Hertog, denGerardVlaardingenThe Netherlands (NL)1093805-03-2012
WondrakDirkVoerdeGermany (DE)1077024-08-2010


List of expelled centres:

Name:City:Country:Registration number:Expelled date:

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